We specialize in fashion jewelry soldering, casting, polishing, and freelance jewelry design.

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  • Jewelry Soldering
    Jewelry Soldering
    By using only the best tools and materials, we ensure that our solderers will attend to every intricate detail of the soldering process to produce a masterful product at reasonable cost.


  • Jewelry Casting
    Jewelry Casting
    Specializing in white metal casting, using rubber molds and lead free metals. Having a model and mold maker enables us to meet our customers’ needs from concept to creation.


  • Jewelry Polishing
    Jewelry Polishing
    We perform all types of finishes; from simply cast cleaning and degating to satin/matte finishes and Tiffany quality polishing/high gloss. We are able to polish products ranging from small intricate pieces to silverware and picture frames.


  • Freelance Jewelry Designer
    Freelance Jewelry Designer
    Have a Jewelry design idea? Just draw or sketch it on a piece of paper and our professional team will bring it to life.


About A&N Jewelry Design, Polishing, Soldering, CastingA&N Jewelry Company, Inc. was established in March 1989 and has been a family owned business for almost 30 years.   The owners, Mekawy and Dianne, worked in the jewelry industry prior to opening their business. Mekawy is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. He has worked in all phases of the industry. Dianne previously worked as a quality control supervisor at a major buckle manufacturer for over 6 years. Since then, A&N Jewelry has expanded the business to encompass all facets of jewelry manufacturing, including casting, fusion, soldering, polishing, and freelance design. The Company prides itself on high quality, efficient, and reasonably priced products. All manufacturing is performed on-site with continuous supervision by both of the owners. References are available upon request.

Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer

Specalizing in Jewelry Soldering, Jewelry Casting, and Jewelry Polishing.

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